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Coronavirus Information & Precautions

★ Summary

As we continue to experience changes to our current situation with COVID-19, we will adapt and keep our focus on what is best for students. Please remember to support your children, neighbors, and friends. The human connection is what will keep our community in Fremont resilient during uncertainty. Thank you for your continued patience.


Covid-19 Alameda County School Guidance

California Coronavirus Response (

Alameda County Public Health Department website (

Presentations to the Board 4/22/20 | 4/9/20 (Grading) | 4/1/20


City of Fremont ( requiring the use of face coverings at certain essential places of business to protect workers and the public and prevent community spread.
Most City of Fremont Facilities will now be Closed to the Public through April 7, 2020 (pdf)
City of Fremont (
Fremont COVID-19 Testing Center (see details - fever over 100℉ & symptomatic COVID-19 - vehicle only)

Brainpop video explaining what coronavirus is, how it is transmitted, and what you can do.
Google Slides presentation with factual information about the virus and detailed suggestions for how to stay healthy. Thank you to American High School for creating and sharing.